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Your local partner for international studies

Hi! We're Xperienz, Portugal's top UX Consultancy. If you need a local partner for your global research project, whilst reporting and communicating with you in English all the way, you've come to the right place.
Let's do some research together!

We've been conducting user research projects for more than a decade

Blue chip and medium to small companies trust us to be their local partners in global research projects

We can do user research for anything you need

Need to test the local Portuguese market for your global service? Look no further. We can do quantitative and qualitative research studies, live card sorting exercises and usability testing. We can test web sites, applications (in any platform), mobiles, consumer electronics, virtually anything. And we can recruit users of any profile as well. You can join us to observe or we can live-stream it over the internet with our high speed fiber-optic connection.

  • Research services we provide:
  • Collective or Individual User Interviews
  • Ethnography Studies
  • Surveys
  • Card Sorting Exercises
  • Usability Testing
  • We can do research for:
  • Websites and Web Applications
  • Desktop and Mobile Applications (in any platform)
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Any electronic device

Our very own, state-of-the-art research lab

We're the only UX Consultancy in Portugal to have their own Research Lab. We can conduct group interviews with up to 10 people, do one on one usability testing and everything in between. We even have a separate room for viewing where we can setup a live translator as well.

We can also go anywhere in our mobile lab

Our mobile research lab packs a punch. Say the word and we can be anywhere in Portugal in 3 to 4 hours tops. Our research material can all be fitted into our Smart car's boot and we'll happily speed along to meet your research subjects. Or we can conduct remote research. Your choice.

Our office is exceptionally located for your convenience

We know that research studies often need to be completed in a short timeframe, so we chose a hassle-free location with great transport links and amenities nearby so that we can all focus 100% on getting the job done as quickly as possible.

Airport 10 minutes away

Lisbon's International Airport (LIS) is a short 10 minute drive into our office. You can even use the subway - we're just 2 stops away. So, no need to spend heaps of time fumbling with transports to get to us.

Train Station 5 minutes away

If you prefer to take the train, Lisbon's Oriente Station (which is right next door to us) is connected to the main European railway lines and to all the major cities in Portugal. Oriente Station is also an international hub for Bus lines.

2 Subway Stations & Parking

We have two subway stations close by connecting you either to the Airport or to Lisbon's City Centre. There's also public underground parking next door with reasonable daily fares if you have your own vehicles.

Lots of Hotels and Restaurants

There are several 4 star hotels nearby, a 5 star and a 3 star one. We have partnered with some of them to offer you great rates. It's also really easy to grab a quick bite in one of dozens of great restaurants nearby.

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